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What does 'melancholy' mean to you? Do you see yourself as often melancholic if at all?
Melancholy often plays a role in my encounters with art works, and it is also present in some of the responses to my environment but generally it invites the sense of the beautiful when it arises.
This sentiment exits in each and every one of us, it shares a family resemblance with love, longing, yearning or missing something, as well as feeling nostalgic. Although melancholy clearly belongs to this set of emotions, it is also a distinctive emotion in its own right.
It's an emotion that can trigger great ideas and reflections often positively .
It is common to describe certain kinds of Melancholia as 'sad' and others as 'joyful', and it is amazing to feel these emotions while listening to a piece of music.
wish i do often...

Has your interpretation changed now that you've read our point of view on melancholy?
I shared a lot of your ideas and really like the concept behind the website, hence why i accepted with great pleasure to try and put together this podcast.

Could you please describe the mix you've created for us? Which elements do you believe fit the melancholy topic perfectly?
For this Mix tape i choose not to not mix the tracks but of course i choose to edit the set by adding some experimental tracks to tight the whole thing together and give it more sense and harmony, leaving the tracks to be what they are and the set to be less of a Beat matching performance.....i personally love listening to music on the go and especially in a very busy environment, trains, streets,airports ect. It often takes the edge off the sort of ambient anxiousness of a busy city by turning you see into something nice and light.
For this particular set i have chosen a few of my most influential electronic artists who often imply a great deal of emotions into their music.
I believe melancholia is omnipresent in every single one of this tracks.
The particular use of some rhythm structures, chords and vocals that often imply the kind of emotions that i love, the ones that make you think positively, a light state of happiness mixed with a great
deal of nostalgia and mixed memories.

What type of atmosphere are you trying to create
A light atmosphere, light enough to enjoy at home or on the go something that would hopefully trigger a nice feeling of positive melancholy ...

Writter for Universal publishing for Advertising and Films, Aurelien has also been working as a music researcher for Juno records for several years, while continuing working as a sound artist for independent film and production companies.
The concept behind ''DoubtingThomas" lay on the accidental side of composition in the manipulation of sounds in the recording and sequencing process.
As a result... Aurelien has developed his own way of producing throughout the years and mastered the technique of the unknown.
He released on Metroline, Igloo, Mean, Serialism, Mutivitamins, and soon will be featured on the 6 years VA compilation of LesIzimo:r along side Mayamn Nidam and Tolga Fidan.
In 2012 we seen Aurelien's music booming, he has been travelling across Europe playing his unique live sets along side producers such as Matthew Herbert, also this year he released on the Famous word music label ''Soul jazz records'' as part of a VA mix album ''jende ri palengue'' featuring artist such as Osunlade, Deadbeat, Jay Haze, Felipe Venegas, Kalabrese to name a few.

He also has been producing and touring with his jazz infused electronic band ''D.O.T.S'' with the highlight @ the Sonar festival Mean record showcase, and a gig @ the famous indie venue ''proud Camden'' with great success.
A lot more releases and projects are to be expected this year.
Stay tuned!

written by DoubtingThomas

Little Helpers, LesIzimo:r, Organic, Universal Publishing, Soul jazz Records, Metroline, Igloo-rec, unfoundsound , Mean, Serialism, Mutivitamins, Safari electronique, Hummingbird