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What does 'melancholy' mean to you? Do you see yourself as often melancholic if at all?
Hey! In my understanding melancholy is a very personal feeling and is hard to define in words; To different people it can mean different things. For me it's an important element in my everyday life, since I'm quite a dreamy person and try to experience emotions to their fullest extent, to let myself drift away into that mood.

Has your interpretation changed now that you've read our point of view on melancholy?
I like your interpretation. However, it's easy to forget important aspects when defining words or writing down feelings. I've never been very strong at that. Your definition of melancholy is very poetic and sounds nice. When I read it, I not only agreed with it, but I also felt inspired; not necessarily on a musical basis but simply for my self.

I heard through the grapevine that you're currently preparing a new project. Tell us a bit about it! How come you decided to try out something new?
I've been working with Fabio from The Criime since December 2009. We've evolved quite a lot since, keep making music together, especially on vinyl, and are working on our next EP right now. The Criime is going to stay my 'main project'. However, on the side I've started a solo project called 'Cleveland'. Since I went to study in Brussels and don't live closely to Fabio anymore I've started working on my own tracks and dj sets. I've always been intrigued on starting something on my own. You've got more freedom but obviously also more risks to it. It's more personal and less work, however, at the same time you've got less backup.
In the end I simply tried to start something new and that's how I ended up creating 'Cleveland'. I don't want to put my music into a box yet, but I'm definitely staying inside the House music sphere. I recently made a remix for a local Indie band Inborn with which I've been very satisfied. And now I'm finishing my first EP demo songs to see what's coming next.

You've sent my a few demo songs and I've realised that your music is quite atmospheric. What type of atmosphere are you trying to create?
I simply want people to feel my music. The atmosphere will probably change depending on how people feel at that very moment. Some might say that it has a nice melody, while others will find it sad. It's probably between those two with a tendency towards a positive feeling. My main goal is to intrigue people to close their eyes and let themselves go with the groove without having to ask any questions.

Do you have a specific goal with your project or do you simply want to do music?
I simply want to make music, enjoy it, share it with people and see what the effects are.

Where do you get your Inspiration from?
That's just spontaneous. Mostly when I'm feeling good with myself. It's more instinctive. Most of the days that I spend time on Ableton I end up just fooling around with it and not changing much. But then, at some moments, you just know exactly what you want to do.

Who's influencing you in your creations?
Everything! There's nothing that's inspiring me to a bigger or lesser extent. I'm currently trying not to let myself be influenced by too many trends. I'm mostly trying to compose out of my heart and ignore mainstream preferences.

Could you please describe the mix you've created for us? Which elements do you believe fit the melancholy topic perfectly?
You'll mostly find melancholic elements in the beginning and the end of my mix, like a story I'd be about to tell you. The mix starts slowly with a beautiful melody to get the listener into the right rhythm and mood and ends similarly to bring the story to an end. In the middle part, it varies between deep house and other forms of house.

What type of procedure do you have when playing a gig in a club?
I'm usually quite nervous before playing. I've got my selection of favourite vinyls at the moment so I don't really try to stay in one musical category. Just like in a mixtape I'm trying to start slowly to stay in the flow later on. However, I also like it if it goes up and down. Everybody needs their break once in a while, not only the audience.
To be honest I prefer playing around with my macbook rather than playing gigs, even though I don't dislike it. Producing, however, has always been my favourite part.

If someone was to ask you what your all-time top 5 songs would be (whatever musical category), which ones would it be?
I don't have 'all-time' top five songs. However, I can give you the 5 songs I'm listening to the most lately:

J Dilla - Lightworks
Mos Def - Sun Moon and Stars
The Velvet Underground - Heroin
Air - Playground Love
Tropics - Wear Out

Last question: What three things can you not live without?
Freedom, music and love.