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With Foolproof on the decks, you can be sure – as the name might suggest – to stand on the right side of things (or decks).
“Foolproof” stands for guaranteeing a quality musical style, at quality locations, for quality people.
Foolproof’s DJ-career commenced when he was 14. More “fool” than “proof” to start with, he now grips his audience, with a unique style not to be found anywhere else in Luxembourg. With an open-minded attitude and a particular feel for the audience, Foolproof guarantees the best in house


What does melancholy mean to you? How do you feel when you feel melancholically?
It’s definitely part of life. It means to be thoughtful, looking back at the past and most importantly to the good old days. I often feel melancholic when I return from holidays and realize how beautiful it actually was and how much of a good time we all had together, I tend to feel like I didn’t take full advantage of it, for example.
But, for me, melancholy is nonetheless an important emotion. Even though it’s not always fun, it certainly always has an enriching outcome – for me personally, it has almost always been a positive experience.

Briefly explain your mixtape. Which elements fit to the subject of melancholy?
I have to admit, most of the tracks on my mix-tape are of my favorite producers. In general, I would say it’s classic House with a loads of vocals and piano melodies – they always create a special atmosphere.
Instrumental sounds of all kinds create a natural and soulful vibe, which is also the way I like to play in my sets.

What’s your approach to DJing?
My goal is always to get people dancing as well as introducing them to new music and open a new world of music.
The overload and easy availability of all kinds of music via the Internet has changed the audience’s expectation and relation to the DJ. Under “public pressure” DJs tend to become jukeboxes that play one chart hit after another and forget about their actual reason for being – you do not need a DJ to play the charts.
I trust my own taste.

Are there still sounds you are yet to explore? Tell us about the direction you are moving in and who you are looking to for inspiration? Who are your influences?
There is a lot of good new music out there. I noticed that a lot of tracks from the past decade have been newly interpreted. One can also find samples from old tunes in new tracks.
At the moment, I like to play calmer things. I’m getting older and calmer on the inside (laughs).
I don’t want to limit myself while looking for new music; I play everything I like, whether it’s deep or Techno.
Lately, I’ve been able to find a lot of inspiration from classical music as well as Jazz and traditional, melodic songs. In general, influence is everywhere, even from my girlfriend.

What stood out to you most this and last year in the music news world? What shocked you, inspried or excited you?
What shocked me the most is how difficult it has become to fascinate a big crowd of people with music alone – without having a huge show around it. When I do my groceries, I hear the same songs on the radio as I do at night in the clubs in Luxembourg.
I’m also appalled by the fact that the generation after me doesn’t know what happened musically before their time. Many should go through their dad’s vinyl collection before they think that everything newly released or used is necessarily newly created.

If you could suggest one place that you have visited in your career as a must-go with a totally authentic twist on music and understanding, where is it?
Ushuaïa in Ibiza– an amazing place.

What are you up to next?
I will release my first EP this year. I’m really excited to see how the producing will develop.